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Aluminium foil - Cling film for food wrapping
Aluminium Containers
 Aluminium trays with lid
 Aluminium containers without lids
 Aluminium Trays Sets for Household Use
 Lids for Aluminium Trays
 Special industrial Aluminium Trays
Plastic Containers, transparent & microwavable
EPS trays and carton containers
Cups & Lids
PC Reusable drinking cups
Hygienic Items
Garbage bags

Aluminium Containers

Aluminium containers are used for a wide range of products in packing and carrying meals. They can be used in very low temperatures in deep freezing and at the same time in the oven in very high temperatures. With a variety of more than 150 models we can give an answer to practically every need.

Apart from the commonly used containers we can supply smoothwall containers for sealing reasons and lacquered trays, coloured, which apart from aesthetic advantages they allow longterm preservation and protect the food better.

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